NEWS 27/10/2023

Discover the 'Soft Ground' exhibition, featuring the artistic and research works of the Exercising Modernity project grantees, including Agata Wozniczka from BUDCUD!  

NEWS 11/09/2023

BUDCUD's temporary development project for the Central Square in Warsaw will be included in the main exhibition of this year's Poznan Design Festival!  

NEWS 24/08/2023

BUDCUD co-founder Mateusz Adamczyk will be a tutor for this year's OSSA student workshop!  
Photo-graphics. Artistic Photography in Poland 1927-1978  Exhibitions

NEWS 29/03/2023

If in Cracow this Friday - the 31st of March - feel invited to our lecture on designing for culture.  

NEWS 22/03/2023

If in Munich in a month, drop by BUDCUD lecture within Ait-Dialog series organized during international fair BAU2023!  

NEWS 03/02/2023

The Cuddly Playground we designed last year with Iza Rutkowska is nominated for the Archdaily Building of the Year Awards in a favorite category of Public & Landscape Architecture!  

NEWS 29/12/2022

What an end of the year gift! BUDCUD was distinguished as one of Europe's architecture practices of the next generation.  

NEWS 06/12/2022

We are very happy to have our very own BUDCUD included in the book ‘Emerging European Practices’, which presents 95 most interesting design studios from all over Europe.  

NEWS 03/12/2022

We invite you to visit the new temporary exhibition at the MuFo Rakowicka building of the Museum of Photography in Krakow.  
Housing estate in Zalewo  Architecture Urbanism
New Habitat  Architecture Urbanism
The Urban Seedlings  Public space Exhibitions

NEWS 19/09/2022

Our design proposal for a multi-family housing estate in Zalewo won the first prize in an architectural competition organized by the KZN-Północ Social Housing Initiative and is aimed to be built in 2024!  

NEWS 26/08/2022

We are happy to announce that our project for a neighborhood in Tczew has won first prize in an implementation architectural competition!  

NEWS 03/08/2022

Within the Architecture Festival program, Mateusz Adamczyk will participate in a debate on adapting Polish cities to climate change.  

NEWS 11/07/2022

Our proposal for a housing development in Kalisz won the 2nd prize in an architectural and urban planning competition organized by Kalisz TBS!  

NEWS 10/06/2022

We have received a mention in the architectural and urban planning competition of the City of Gdansk for the entrance zone to the Stogi Beach!  

NEWS 19/05/2022

At this year's Concéntrico - Logroño International Festival of Architecture and Design - BUDCUD will show the Urban Seedlings, an installation about greenery in the city.  
The Cuddly Playground  Public space
Space-Time of a Collection  Exhibitions

NEWS 01/12/2021

Agata Wozniczka is a laureate of the Student Scholarship Program dedicated to doctoral students of Wroclaw universities.  

NEWS 04/12/2021

After closing the Othernity project within this year's Venice Architecture Biennale, the Hungarian exhibition (of which our work is a part of) will be adapted to the spaces of the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest.  
Mountain settlement  Architecture Urbanism
Urban Balconies  Public space Urbanism
Domus Baths  Architecture Exhibitions

NEWS 17/10/2021

Agata Wozniczka of Budcud will take part in the AESOP TG PSUC 2021 international meeting themed ‘Between the home and the square’.  

NEWS 18/10/2021

This Friday, on the 22nd October 2021 at 6 p.m. we're opening the Czasoprzestrzeń Zbioru/ Collection Space exhibition in the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław. Feel invited to come if you are in town!  

NEWS 02/09/2021

Ahoy, adventure! We are happy to announce that Agata Wozniczka will be one of the tutors of the interdisciplinary Shipyard Project workshops in Gdansk.  

NEWS 23/08/2021

We are thrilled (and reisefiebered) to invite you to the public discussion ‘Othernity – Collaboration of emerging architectural practices from the CEE’ in the Hungarian Pavilion during the 17th Biennale of Architecture in Venice.  

NEWS 01/06/2021

With pleasure and great pride we are inviting you to the 17th Venice Biennale of Architecture.  

NEWS 08/05/2021

New residents - Kayko, Kokosh and Cuddly the dragon have settled in the Southern Park in Sopot!  
The Spatial Order Generator  Strategies Exhibitions
Fluxus Labas Kaunas 2022  Architecture Public space

NEWS 01/03/2021

Agata Wozniczka from Budcud is one of the jury members of the 13th Young Architects Competition!  
Pier extension in Międzyzdroje  Architecture Public space Urbanism
Landgut 2050. Urleben New Vernacular  Public space Strategies Urbanism
Model mountain shelter 360° on mount Luban  Architecture
What do we have in common?  Architecture Public space Strategies

NEWS 21/12/2020

We cordially invite you to read through ‘What do we have in common? A lexicon of exercises on Polish public space, prepared by BUDCUD’s very own Agata Woźniczka.  

NEWS 23/11/2020

We won! or more appropriately: Wir haben gewonnen!  

NEWS 02/11/2020

Finally, the end of zoom fatigue! The Cracow app we were working on with Elektro Moon Vision and Photon Foundation for Patchlab Festival 2020: Connected is up and running.  

NEWS 23/10/2020

BUDCUD-designed exhibition on megaliths in Poland is open in the regional museum in Stalowa Wola.  

NEWS 18/06/2020

Drop by (pun intended) Hydropolis and check 'The leak' exhibition!  

NEWS 27/03/2020

Organizing committee of Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of announced names of international judges and we are honoured that our very own Mateusz Adamczyk is on jury duty within Environmental Design section.  

NEWS 16/03/2020

On the 3rd of September Mateusz Adamczyk will give a lecture „Spatial Agendas and Urban Narratives” within Canactions School in Kyiv!  

NEWS 26/02/2020

Agata Wozniczka of BUDCUD will talk about the impact of the built environment during an international symposium at Coventry University.  
3D Quarter  Architecture Public space Urbanism
Ground rules  Strategies Urbanism
Brainville  Strategies Urbanism

NEWS 02/12/2019

We cordially invite you to a discussion on 'Prototyping landscapes of the future: speculative design and architecture' with us and Ewa Drygalska.  

NEWS 22/11/2019

This time it is in Kaunas where BUDCUD is holding a lecture 'In the world of BUDCUD'!  

NEWS 11/11/2019

BUDCUD was invited to give a lecture at the 4th International Architecture Forum ArchEvolution2019 in Brest, Belarus!  

NEWS 30/10/2019

BUDCUD is taking part in Exercising modernity project run by Instytut Pileckiego  

NEWS 15/09/2019

Next summer you will find us in Giardini, because BUDCUD is going to Biennale di Venezia 2020!  

NEWS 10/09/2019

BUDCUD goes to Kaunas to design two FLUXUS courtyards within the program of Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022!  

NEWS 06/09/2019

Buongiorno! Next New Generations festival titled ATLAS of emerging practices starts today in Rome at MACRO – Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma.  

NEWS 26/08/2019

After an intense week of working on Magistrale 3 we finished Bauforum2019 with very satisyfing results and lots of new inspirations and knowledge!  

NEWS 19/06/2019

In June BUDCUD tutored design workshops for a class of second-graders from Cracow. It was organized within 'Being an architect' program by Polish National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning.  

NEWS 21/06/2019

¡Qué chulada! Next week BUDCUD is taking part in 'New Generations Lab' - a program by IO - Itinerant Office - with main purpose of creating the exchange of knowledge between young architects and experts from other disciplines, so they can discuss about the state of the architectural profession.  

NEWS 06/06/2019

The Wheel of Fortune keeps spinning! This time in Łódź, at the Architecture Station, where the pop-up exhibition about the Polish spatial transformation is taking place.  

NEWS 12/04/2019

We cordially invite you to a Warsaw meet-up around the new Europan 15 competition.  

NEWS 04/08/2014

We are happy to announce we have won the 1st prize in an Open International Ideas competition for the development of the Voronezh Reservoir revitalization strategy in Voronezh City in Russia.  

NEWS 03/11/2014

We’ve been invited to take part in ‚New Generations Festival. Futurology’ in Florence.  

NEWS 20/03/2015

On the 19th of March 2015 at Tongji University we presented a strategy for passages of Expoland site in Shanghai  

NEWS 22/03/2015

On the 22nd of March 2015 BUDCUD held a lecture called 'BUDCUD goes public’ during the 5th Yuan Ye Summit Forum in Beijing, China.  

NEWS 13/04/2015

BUDCUD was among four design practices from Visegrád Group who tutored Mood for Wood workshops in Poznań (8-15 May 2015).  

NEWS 13/05/2015

We have been invited to give a lecture among 10 other emerging practices from across Europe in the series NEUBAUTEN at TU in Munich. If in Munich on the 1st of June, please come by!  

NEWS 09/10/2015

FKŻ Quarter for the 25th Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow got a honorable mention in competition of completed designs at an International Biennial of Architecture Cracow 2015  

NEWS 09/11/2015

(PL) Znowu bierzemy udział w festiwalu New Generations!  

NEWS 13/01/2016

If in Wrocław, drop by an exhibition ‚Europan – the laboratory of architecture’ in Museum of Architecture, our winning proposal for Europan 9 in Warsaw will be displayed there.  

NEWS 26/01/2016

In the newest issue of A10 (#67) BUDCUD was listed among most interesting young Polish architects that are rebranding Poland. The article can be found in Eurovision section of the magazine.  

NEWS 11/04/2016

Last year BUDCUD gave a lecture in TU Munich within the series Montagsreihe: Neubauten, which was followed by an interview we gave for Planphase magazine.  

NEWS 11/10/2016

(PL) Z przyjemnością informujemy, że aranżację tegorocznego festiwalu Warszawa w Budowie projektuje BUDCUD.  

NEWS 05/11/2016

Our monograph ‚More Than This’ had its debut on Frankfurt Book Fair 2016! The book is published by Korean DAMDI Publishing within Design Document series.  
Schindler Award  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism Exhibitions
Chrzanów Strip Pavilion  Architecture Public space
Silesian Museum in Katowice  Architecture Exhibitions
Cheongna Tower  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism

NEWS 15/04/2016

Our thoughts on the most fascinating building are published in a book ‚Reminiscence’ edited by Benedikt Hartl & Benedict Esche and published by Edition Architektur.  

NEWS 26/04/2017

BUDCUD is one of the practices to be exhibited in Tallinn's Architecture Museum.  

NEWS 10/05/2017

BUDCUD is giving a lecture within the Sea of Architecture series. It starts at 7 pm on the 16th of May 2017 in Kawalek Podlogi club in Koszalin.  

NEWS 14/08/2017

BUDCUD is one of practices to be exhibited during Helsinki Design Week. The exhibition 'Young Polish Architects 2.5 D’ will be open from the 7th until 16th of September 2017.  

NEWS 19/09/2017

Ciao! We’re extremely happy to come back to the 4th edition of New Generations festival, which will take place in Rome from the 23rd to 26th of September 2017. BUDCUD will hold a lecture during an inaugural evening...  

NEWS 05/10/2017

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of WWB9 festival, which we designed along with large-scale interventions on Parade Square in Warsaw. The main exhibition of this year’s edition of the festival  WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCTION presents various faces of Plac Defilad shaped by history and transformation processes.   

NEWS 28/03/2018

During New Generations festival in Rome we gave a video-interview to IO – Itinerant Office for the series ‚Architecture VS Rest of the World’ and it is online!  
Europan 9 Urban Cocktail  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism
Crossover Jungle 4000 House  Architecture Public space
Vistula Saunas  Architecture Public space Urbanism
Urban Sports Square  Public space Strategies
Fiu Fiu Boutique  Interior design
Shelter  Architecture Public space
Hoża Rooftop  Architecture Public space
Europan 11 Central Lake  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism
New Mounds in Cracow  Architecture Public space Urbanism
Millenium Park in Zielona Góra  Public space Strategies Urbanism
Bularnia Office  Interior design
Friendship Estate 2.0 in Warsaw  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism
Tilescape  Interior design
Nowe Żerniki Model Estate  Architecture Public space Urbanism
Atlas of Modernity in Łódź  Exhibitions
Voronezh Sea  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism
Soil and water  Exhibitions
Królewska Spot  Public space
Exhibition Pavilion  Interior design Exhibitions
Beautiful house  Architecture Public space
FKŻ Quarter  Architecture Public space

NEWS 01/04/2018

Ahoj! The exhibition ‚Young Polish Architects 2.5 D’ is opening on the 4th of April 2018 in Galerie Architektury Brno in Czech Republic.  
New Towarowa  Public space Strategies Urbanism
Warsaw Under Construction Festival 8. PKiN  Exhibitions
Warsaw Under Contruction Festival 8. Home at Last  Exhibitions

NEWS 02/04/2018

Surprise, surprise! April issue of Architektura & Biznes was co-edited by BUDCUD! It’s the first issue of that magazine with chosen architects deciding on its content.  
Powiśle 11 Urban Furniture  Public space Strategies
BWA Archives  Interior design Exhibitions
The power of the avant-garde  Exhibitions
Garden Expo Wuhan  Public space
Jewish Culture Festival Boulevard  Public space
A Room and a Half  Exhibitions
Nowe Żerniki. Public Space  Public space
Dizziness  Exhibitions
Entrance to Warsaw  Public space Strategies Urbanism

NEWS 02/07/2018

привет! BUDCUD led architecture & urban workshops at School of Chief Architect 4.0 in Perm, Russia, , working on Oktyabrskaya Square in the city center.  

NEWS 29/05/2018

Hurray! We got a building permit for the 'Villages of the World’ global education park on Tyniecka street in Cracow. It is a multi-threaded education park of 3.3 hectares.  
Warsaw Under Construction Festival 9. A Step Forward  Public space Exhibitions
Gdańsk Urban Sofa  Public space
World Villages  Architecture Public space Strategies

NEWS 05/11/2018

We are really excited to be taking part in the fifth edition of the New Generations Festival. BUDCUD will tutor a workshop about the media and marketing affecting Warsaw’s urban life.  
Municipal Art Center in Gorzow  Interior design Exhibitions