BUDCUD at this year’s Concéntrico festival!

BUDCUD at this year’s Concéntrico festival!

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At this year’s Concéntrico – Logroño International Festival of Architecture and Design – BUDCUD will show the Urban Seedlings, an installation about greenery in the city.

The Urban Seedlings, besides being an atlas of multi-functional furniture, is a spatial commentary on the irresponsible disposal of city greenery during the public areas pseudo-revitalization processes. Emphasizing the role of nature in the city, the installation re-greens urban space using the means we, architects, use most efficiently – sketches on a plan. That is why we decided to get inspired by various ways the architects draw greenery and make those three-dimensional. The drawings of greenery become urban totems serving as seating, playground elements, meeting points and conversation pieces. By arranging those in the Plaza del Mercado we green the square anew, offering what trees used to provide – shade, rest and a meeting place.

Can’t wait to see them grow in Logroño this September!

Our attendance at the festival in supported by the Cultural Institute of Wroclaw within Mobile Culture program, as well as by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.