Jewish Culture Festival Boulevard


Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow

Cracow, PL

public space, leisure

260 sqm


Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka (authors), Lea Moureau, Joanna Ryś

Jewish Culture Festival Boulevard

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For 9 summer days Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow took over a part of Kurland boulevard on the riverbank and turned it into the Jerusalem boulevard – the venue of a chill-out festival procrastination. Simplicity of the installation’s spatial arrangement made it an open form; inclusive and constantly changing with users’ needs and their quantity.

The leisure boulevard’s setting playfully used typical summer equipment: a stack of sunbeds, wicker baskets, parasols, inflatable toys and funky mattresses. Most notorious Polish seaside accessories – textile wind screens – were also put in this conventional layout. Patchwork, semi-translucent screens were composed in an ascending structure that created multiple open-air rooms of differentiated proportions.

To frame the boulevard structure, simple wooden furniture was introduced at the endings of the spatial sequence. We put a long bench at the installation entrance and a wooden wall next to the festival barge. The wall was used at the typography workshop as a gallery and a festival notice board.