Garden Expo Wuhan


the Creative Garden Organization Office of the 10th China International Garden Expo

Wuhan, CHN

garden, public space

1590 sqm

competition, honorable mention

Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka (authors), Bartosz Girek, Agata Kowalska, Małgorzata Rączka, Ewelina Rachwał, Wojciech Szydłowski

Garden Expo Wuhan

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Garden Expo in Wuhan is a Chinese festival of landscape design that presents both classical compositions and newest trends. Asked to work on a site within the European exhibition zone, we presented a densified and intensified representation of recreational outdoor areas of Europe.

Our project applied the most characteristic functions, street furniture and formats of spatial composition and plants’ arrangement into an exhibition space, providing expo visitors with genius loci of European green spaces.

The chosen form of a park instead of a garden makes it more appropriate for the urban environment and suggests functional diversity of the space and an opportunity for active recreation. We wanted the visitors to extend their memories from our exhibition site – not only giving them photo opportunities, but also experiences.

Composition of the park was based on typical and one of most characteristic historical public parks from Europe – the Leopold Park in Brussels – where the pond is surrounded by differentiated green space, from grass lawns to a shady park. We transformed the given scheme and reinterpreted it with trans-positioned materials, specific elements from other famous parks and contemporary approach.

The central pond was filled with greenery arrangement corresponding with geographical vegetation zones. Bordered with a composition of differentiated piers and platforms, the green lake became a focal point emphasizing diversity of European vegetation and public spaces. A green lawn along the site edges provided opportunities to have a picnic, play badminton, relax in a folly or rest under the tree. We believe experiencing public life is as important as the panorama arrangement.