A Cuddly Settlement is open!

A Cuddly Settlement is open!

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New residents have settled in the Southern Park in Sopot! From today onwards you can meet them on the playground, which will transport you into the world of Slavic warriors Kayko and Kokosh. Characters from the Netflix series based on the cult classic comic books by Janusz Christa inspired the design of this unique space. Playground’s main attraction is the giant dragon Miluś. His silhouette is a multifunctional form created from interconnected wooden logs, typical for Mirmiłowo. The dragon was designed as an intuitive playscape which stimulates the senses.

The playground was designed by our office and IZA RUTKOWSKA. The project has been realized thanks to the collaboration between the authorities of Sopot, Kreska Foundation and Netflix.


photo: Jakub Certowicz