Urban Balconies


Magenta Festival, European Capital of Culture Kaunas 2022

Kaunas, LT

public space

1000 sqm

competition, first prize

Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka, Algimantas Grigas (authors), Krzysztof Kalita (cooperation)

Urban Balconies

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‘Urban Balconies’ is a project inspired by the notion of tactical urbanism, where important issues of city’s sustainable development are targeted with smart installations in public space. Through-out Europe, the pandemic of COVID-19 started a discussion on necessary changes in urban planning and infrastructural equipment of multi-family housing, expressed by the agenda of ‘balconies for all!’.

That is why for the MAGENTA festival we propose creating those balconies for all by establishing a system of diverse public balconies that meet private needs, but also enrich the public do-main. Urban balconies could be of various shapes and sizes: round, rectangular or square-like ‘standard’ balconies. The urban balconies of grander forms (like opera stairs) would host an urban spectacle, while fun-shaped structures could provide extraordinary experience or Titanic-themed photo opportunities.

The installation with its playful approach would also bring focus onto a Kaunas river-shore as a public space of great potential. Transforming existing concrete-clad infrastructure with smart plug-ins would show the dream of Kaunas to be a resilient and sustainable city of contemporaneity.