New Towarowa


SARP Warszawa, Wolskie Centrum Kultury

Warsaw, PL

public space, strategy, urban prototyping


in progress

Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka, Marta Gendera (authors), Agnieszka Jurczak, Aleksandra Zielonka, Roksana Patrzałek


New Towarowa

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Area around Towarowa street in Warsaw’s district of Wola undergoes an extremely dynamic transformation – new high-rises spring from the ground and old factories are being revitalized and transformed into business hubs – changing the urban arrangement from a grid network to the functional archipelago.

Such a dynamic urban situation needs a sustainable strategy which will compromise interests, dreams and aspirations of all the potential users, settling public, civic and business-driven agendas. This is why inscribing a necessity of complex public space is so important for a healthy development of Wola. It’s final shape is hard to predict due to constantly changing economical conditions, social structure and urban nature resources.

Therefore, urban prototyping seems most appropriate method to test the assumptions and possible spatial arrangements for the systematic Lab Park. Working within this methodology, we designed a family of street furniture inspired by the historical quality sign of Wola products: a distinctive red rhombus.

Simple benches and stoops (always with plantpot incorporated) are equipped with steel-mesh parasols, that work as plant support. Though it is impossible to plant trees in many urban areas of Wola, our smart furniture could make it greener! The modular furniture can produce various spatial schemes: squares and boulevards, pocket parks and stops within a specified route.

Objects form (at initial stage) and develop (in time) the Lab Park and let it adjust to changing conditions and characteristics of Wola, constantly providing the area with differentiated public space of high quality.