Nowe Żerniki. Public Space


Atal S.A.

Wrocław, PL

public space, leisure

1271 sqm


Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka (authors), Tomasz Kurtek (landscape design), Dorota Szlachcic

Nowe Żerniki. Public Space

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The big ambition of Nowe Zerniki estate is to provide its inhabitants with an atlas of public spaces, varying in functions and activity levels, that strengthen the neighborhood bonds but also intensify and diversify the urban biotope. The bio-strip aims to be a linear narrative of those spaces connected with lush greenery.

BUDCUD layout of Nowe Zerniki green strip’s section corresponds with modular arrangement of the surrounding housing. Applying the same modules in more informal way, we established public space that manifests its recreational, carefree character.

The aforementioned units are filled with lush greenery, seats or bike racks, with grass or gravel in between. On the axis of the fire road we located a rectangular square supplied with recreational equipment and painted street games’ graphics. Intensive orange color of the square, same as the estate’s logo, makes the public space stand out in the Nowe Zerniki public grid.