Our housing estate proposal in Kalisz won a second prize!

Our housing estate proposal in Kalisz won a second prize!

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Our proposal for a housing development in Kalisz won the 2nd prize in an architectural and urban planning competition organized by Kalisz TBS!

The design, considering the challenges of social housing, aims to create a high-quality living environment – surrounded by lush greenery and a variety of common spaces that strengthen social ties, as well as promote sustainable development.

The settlement’s functional and spatial solutions put people at the center, as it is the human scale of the architecture, safe public spaces and the opportunity for communal living that build a strong neighborhood. In order to ensure the best and safest functioning of the estate its layout was divided into two zones: residential and parking, clearly separating vehicular traffic from neighborhood life.
Perimeter balconies define the characteristic appearance of the residential buildings, clearly communicating the ecological ambitions of the estate. Since COVID-19 pandemic raised the awareness of the importance of accessibility to fresh air within one’s own apartment and the importance of semi-public spaces in ensuring healthy living conditions, the green balconies are a perfect manifestation of these principles of a sustainable housing.

Congratulations to the other awardees and to our team consisting of: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Wozniczka (BUDCUD) and Piotr Zablocki.