World Villages


Salezjański Wolontariat Misyjny „Młodzi - Światu”

Cracow, PL

theme park, education, landscape

2,9 ha

ongoing, building permit granted

Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka (authors), Cristiana Santandrea, Tomasz Kurtek, Tatiana Vozarova, Rebeka Czaja, Szymon Buzuk, Joanna Ryś, Łukasz Chamer, Katarzyna Zabielska + Vide Studio: Wojciech Kurzak, Anna Kuzon-Grzywna, Michał Łętocha

World Villages

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Global Education Park called ‘The Villages of the World’ is a functional arrangement of symbols and objects; it is a multi-threaded public space, where recreation serves education.

The theme park’s border is defined with thick greenery and an entry pavilion with tilted green roof, that is connected to the ground – visitors can climb it to catch the vista. The masterplan is organized with a central globe model with differentiated characteristics of geographical regions and cultural environments displayed in synthetic form. There are two bigger volumes designed: a suspended palm-house of South America and a baobab-shaped viewing tower.

(PL) Makietę świata okala ścieżka w formie ryby – symbolu i nośnika chrześcijańskich oraz humanistycznych wartości. Wokół pętli rozmieszczono scenografie wiosek świata.

The globe model is surrounded with path of a fish shape – symbol of Christian and humanistic values – with world villages scenographies attached to it. The villages are paved with contrasting textures and colors, corresponding with actual pavings from the presented regions. Each scenography is accompanied by a specific selection of plants.