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BUDCUD is a contemporary architecture practice led by Mateusz Adamczyk and Agata Wozniczka, it has been operating from Cracow, Poland since 2011. The office is concerned with exploring contemporary conditions through spatial design, furthering architecture’s agency and currency. The name BUDCUD is indicative of our area of expertise and our design strategy. ‘Bud’ is a prefix that was added to many construction company’s names during the period of early Polish capitalism. While ‘bud’ is derived from the Polish word meaning ‘to build’, ‘cud’ on the other hand, means miracle, a wonder! The combination highlights our desire to imagine architecture as a promise of multi-threaded journeys and interactions, informal activities and unpredicted events.

BUDCUD makes playful formal decisions and creates artificial natures, where the background is rich, but references are neither obvious nor direct. Each project is then a new collage of atmospheres and textures, a small world of its own rules, populated with distinct characters and events.

The scale of intervention thus becomes irrelevant — too small is never frustrating and too large is never overwhelming. Similarly, differentiated project timeframes are embraced in our projects:. a singular spatial experience is as important as the ongoing occupation of a space.

Since its founding, BUDCUD has been awarded prizes, won architectural and urban competitions, and has lectured around the world. In addition to delivering projects for our clients, we regularly tutor design workshops and consult on international spatial strategies.

Selected awards

2022 first prize, competition for the architectural and urban design of a social housing estate, Zalewo, PL

2022 first prize, competition for the architectural and urban design of a social housing estate, Tczew, PL

2022 second prize, competition for the architectural and urban design of a social housing estate, Kalisz, PL

2022 mention, two-stage urban planning and architectural competition for the entrance area to Stogi beach, Gdansk, PL

2021 1st prize, Magenta Festival’s competition for ‘Tactical Urbanism’ urban installation, Kaunas, LT

2020 1st prize for the Urleben site, urban competition ‘Landgut 2050’, Urleben, DE

2020 special mention, urban competition for the local pier extension, Międzyzdroje, PL

2019 1st prize, competition for the national Hungarian pavilion at the 17th Biennale of Architecture in Venice, Othernity project, group work, Budapest, HU

2018 honorable mention, Green aorta of Warsaw, competition for the arrangement of the surroundings of Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Warsaw, PL

2016 1st prize, 8th Warsaw Under construction festival, closed competition for the exhibition spatial arrangement

2015 honourable mention, MBA international biennale of architecture Cracow 2015, competition Human dimension of urban scale, section of completed projects, Cracow, PL

2015 finalist, Shanghai: making urbanity through passages in the reappropriated Expo site, Shanghai, CHN

2014 honourable mention, competition for masterplan of green recreational areas in Bilcza, PL

2014 honourable mention, 10th international garden expo, European site, Wuhan, CHN

2014 1st prize, open international ideas competition for the development of the Voronezh reservoir, Voronezh, RU

2013 1st prize in professionals category, Zawód Architekt Z:A award 2013, Republic of Poland Architects’ Chamber, PL

2012 1st prize in category wellness/spa, AIT tile award 2012, AIT, GE

2012 2nd prize in category public interiors, polskie wnętrze 2011 best Polish interior, Sztuka Wnętrza, PL

2012 finalist in shop/presentation category, AIT award 2012 Global Award for the very best in Interior and Architecture, AIT, DE

2012 finalist, Kiev islands urban competition for masterplan of archipelago on Dnieper river in Kiev, 1840 ha, Kiev City State Administration, UA

2011 special mention, Europan 11 urban competition for a housing scheme next to water on Leeuwarden, Europan Europe, Elkien, Municipality of Leeuwarden, NL

2010 finalist, Top 10 architects under 40, New Polish Blood, NIB, IT

2009 1st prize, urban competition for sustainable housing in Radomsko, Kobud Sp. z o.o., PL

2009 1st prize, competition for extension and revitalization of house of culture Śnieżka for Centrum Sztuki Europa Miast in Dębica, City of Dębica, PL

2009 honourable mention, Shinkenchiku Residential Competition 2008, Shinkenchiku_Sha Co.,Ltd., JP

2008 1st prize, Europan 9 urban competition for revitalization of the 56 ha Czyste area in Warsaw, Europan Europe, City of Warsaw, PL

2007 special mention, nowe Muzeum Śląskie, SARP competition for new museum in Katowice, Muzeum Śląskie, PL, in collaboration with Marek Rytych Architekt

2007 mention, Dom Krakusa, SARP competition for mixed-use complex Dom Krakusa in Kraków, Spółdzielnia Krakus, PL, in collaboration with WBWK

2006 mention, Schindler award for architecture 2005/2006, competition for re-use of Palais de Tokyo and a new connection over River Seine in Paris, Schindler Ltd., FR

Selected exhibitions

2021 Othernity, group exhibition in Ludwig Museum, Budapest, HU

2021 Othernity, group exhibition in the Hungarian Pavilion at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice, IT

2019 Aeronauci, group exhibition curated by Centrala at Poznan Design Festival, Poznan, PL

2018 Design in the service of social isolation, Brain Damage gallery, Lublin, PL

2018 Young Polish Architects 2.5D, Galerie Architektury Brno, Brno, CZ

2018 Salve! Design Institute, Kielce, PL

2017 Young Polish Architects 2.5D, Helsinki Design Week, Helsinki, FI

2017 Young Polish Architects 2.5D, City Architecture Museum,Tallin, EE

2016 Costs of Architecture, Studio BWA, Wrocław, PL

2016 Europan – laboratory of architecture, Museum of Architecture, Wrocław, PL

2015 Synchronicity – concrete, Biblioteka Publiczna m. st. Warszawy, Warsaw, PL

2015 Shanghai passages competition, CINEV Show, Hong Kong, CHN

2012 BUDCUD exhibition in gallery 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media in Brno, CZ

2011 Europan 11 post-competition exhibition at NHL University in Leeuwarden, NL

2011 Return to the city, festival Warsaw Under Construction, SGH, Warsaw, PL

2011 Avant-garde of tomorrow?, exhibition in Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa in Warsaw, PL

2011 Urban block, Living Frontiers of Architecture III-IV, exhibition in Luisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, DK

Selected lectures

2020 The importance of air, School of Chief Architect, Yekaterinburg, RU

2020 40% of global warming, symposium about the impact of the built environment, University of Coventry – Old Grammar School, Coventry, UK

2019 In the world of BUDCUD, Archevolution festival, Brest, BE

2019 In technology we trust?, New Generations festival, Madrid, ES

2018 On media, New Generations festival, Warsaw, PL

2018 Adventure atlas for contemporary city, School of Chief Architect, Perm, RU

2017 Architects vs. the rest of the world, New Generations festival, Rome, IT

2015 Open yards, Academy of Arts, Tbilisi, GU

2015 At Pecha Kucha night, Genova, IT

2015 On experimentation, New Generations festival, Genova, IT

2015 The Quarter: on public spaces, lecture at the 25th Jewish Culture Festival, Cracow, PL

2015 BUDCUD at montagsreihe, Neubauten cycle, TU Munich, DE

2015 BUDCUD goes public, the 5th Yuan Ye Forum, Beijing, CHN

2014 Futurology at New Generations festival, Florence, IT

2013 Come, we’ll tell you what we think, lecture during Łódź Design Festival in Art Museum in Łódź, PL

2013 Standard vs. customized, lecture during Tile Award symposium in Schwarzenfeld, DE

2013 Import/Export – Experiment, lecture in Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, PL

2013 BUDCUD in KATO lecture with exhibition Avant-garde of Tomorrow?, Katowice, PL

2012 BUDCUD lecture on Ecoweek 2012, Cracow, PL

2012 Europan 11 lecture during symposium on Europan 11 results, Leeuwarden, NL

Selected workshops

2021 Project Shipyard, tutoring students workshops, Gdansk, PL

2019 Disruptions, OSSA Poznań, tutoring students workshops, Poznan, PL

2018 Re-imagining Warsaw, Building the atlas, New Generations festival, co-tutoring (with CIVIC) a workshop group that challenged advertisement laws and regulations, Warsaw, PL

2018 Perm 4.0, School of City Architect, tutoring three groups of architecture students working on a revitalization of the square in the city-centre of Perm, RU

2016 BUDCUD na urlopie – zrób to (wszystko) sam, Bask: Jokoa festival, tutoring an open 7-day workshop in BudCud remote atelier with sets of creative exercises, Wrocław, PL

2015 Open yards Telavi, tutoring workshops for municipality officials on creating public spaces for local communities, Telavi, GEO

2015 Mood for Wood, tutoring group of students who during the workshop designed and built a spatial installation in a community garden, Poznań, PL

2014 OSSA, tutoring the Entropy theme as a site-specific temporary installation in Lentz villa, Szczecin, PL

2013 New spaces architecture, tutoring space-branding workshop focused on the wine region of Kakheti, Telavi, GEO

2013 Ecoweek, tutoring the group working on a theme of Generating a Visual Amenity along the Vistula Riverside, Cracow, PL

2013 Architektour, tutoring an urban planning strategy for the local context, Przemyśl, PL

2010 OSSA, tutoring the student group working on a revitalization of a courtyard within a Defragmentation theme, Łódź, PL