Bularnia Office


Aspen S.A.

Cracow, PL


175 sqm

completed 2012

Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka + Maria Schoen

Kamila Kozińska

Bularnia Office

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Bularnia is a straight-forward, functional office space on the ground floor of a postindustrial building in Cracow. The goal was to introduce more natural light to dark and overpowering interior. This ambition redefined new proportions of space and optically enlarged narrow and low room.

What’s more, light and transparent finishing materials, such as glass, delicate steel mesh and perforated boards were used to emphasize the openness of new office space. Positioning the offices on the ground floor established strong connection with building’s exterior – on one side the office space is merged with a lush garden, on the other connects to the building’s courtyard.

Existing diagonal interior wall divides the workplace into two rooms, into which we put two additional volumes reorganizing space and functions. Two similar rooms had their identities rebuilt and diversified. Small budget implied the simple character of the details. The interior is dominated by white and gray, diversified with few intense color accents.

In these mellow spaces filled with natural light the ceiling is the strongest graphic element. In one room it is made of a steel mesh, onto which we loosely put few light bulbs. The ceiling of the latter is a composition of dark green lamps and industrial cables.