Warsaw Under Construction Festival 8. PKiN


Fundacja Instytut Architektury, MoMA Warsaw, Warsaw Museum

Technology Museum / PKIN, Warsaw, PL


1020 sqm

competition, 1st prize

Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka (authors), Katarzyna Płonka, Aleksandra Zielonka, Roksana Patrzałek

Warsaw Under Construction Festival 8. PKiN

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The eighth Warsaw Under Construction festival analyzed the post-transitional Polish identity, built by actual and ideal living space of every Pole. An exhibition in the Palace of Culture and Science let the visitors experience all the housing typologies and their characteristics, providing the sensory experience of the housing lexicon.

To clarify various residential typologies BUDCUD proposed building a ghost structure or a monument of transition, combining differentiated assortments into a continuous spatial narrative.

The mock-up revived the experience of various types of habitable units – from a tight flat in a housing block to a grand manor residence – by merging them into a complex, yet compact structure.

It displayed a densified spatial experience of the post-communism transition into capitalism. BUDCUD exhibition arrangement aimed at recreating a jump from a common utopia into a secluded delusion.