The Spatial Order Generator


Małopolskie Centrum Nauki Cogiteon

Kraków, PL

Educational exhibit

12,5 sqm


Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka (authors), prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Janusz Rębielak (collaboration)

The Spatial Order Generator

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The educational exhibit for the Malopolska Science Center ‘Cogiteon’ is a spatial scheme designed for continuous mapping of the relationships between nature, culture, architecture and sociopolitical structures. The exhibit presents the principle of contemporary urban design as a strategy for maintaining a dynamic balance.

City planning cannot keep up with rapid geopolitical, social and economic changes. Defined form and hierarchical structure of urban areas render quick reaction and efficient adaptation impossible. The answer to the growing dynamics of change should be a new design system which aims to create resilient spatial environments that can be transformed, redefined, expanded, and optimized. ‘The Spatial Order Generator’ presents a strategy for maintaining a dynamic balance and shows that one should design with responsive systems rather than rigid, defined forms.

The exhibit for Cogiteon consists of a hexagonal modular floor with an interconnected tensegrity structure suspended above. The suspended canopy has diverse elements intertwine with the tensile structure. These elements are design totems, representing spatial formats, aspects and values that should be taken into account when designing – and which build patterns of human functioning in relation to space. Each time the installation is set in motion, new maps are created as spatial schemes indicating a balanced or almost unbalanced vision of the world.