Model mountain shelter 360° on mount Luban


SARP Krakow

Luban, PL

Mountain shelter, public space

700 sqm


Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Krzysztof Kalita, Agata Woźniczka + Justyna Kolarz

Model mountain shelter 360° on mount Luban

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Mountains demand respect and humility – also when designing their dedicated architecture. That is why the Model Mountain Shelter 360° reinterprets regional architecture, emphasizes phenomenal beauty of the surrounding landscape and combines tradition with contemporary standards of mountain tourism.


Sculpturous, hewn-like character of the building is a result of a formal modification in traditional pitched-roof house typology. To strengthen the connection with local landscape a panoramic gallery on the ground floor opens towards the picturesque mountain range of Gorce and Tatry massif. In the sleeping rooms windows of diverse sizes frame beautiful panoramas, making waking-up in the mountains even more pleasurable. The 360° building also takes from traditional PTTK shelter typology by using the same construction materials – wood and local stone. Their artisanal application guarantees the atmosphere of ‘hygge-like’ coziness.

The model mountain shelter 360° on mount Luban is also a manifest of energetically self-sufficient architecture. Applied technologies and eco-solutions make the shelter’s lifecycle sustainably effective and its usage comfortable.