Exhibition Pavilion


Bunkier Sztuki

Cracow, PL

library, workspace, gallery

35 m2

completed 2016

Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka (authors), Rebeka Czaja

Jarosław Matla

Exhibition Pavilion

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The Exhibition Pavilion provides venue for workshops and discussion in a municipal gallery called Bunkier Sztuki (Bunker of Arts) in Cracow. It occupies a small unused space of the gallery’s wing, next to the service entrance, under a mezzanine. The space is really low, clattered with additional elements added over time that now cannot be removed.


Designed in futuristic shades of silver and blue, the space hosts an expert library and a diverse workspace. Due to various activities planned for the pavilion, its arrangement is multi-functional and transformable. The longitudinal desk can be transformed to the size of a comfortable workshop table fit for a bigger group. The book crate (shelf / display) is incorporated in a seating bench, working as a back support. The existing column, covered with polycarbonade panels, became a lantern and a display post. A dedicated silver PU leather curtain can divide the workshop space, securing a sneak peek of what’s inside (or outside) with a round cut in the drape.