A Room and a Half


CSW U-jazdowski

Warsaw, PL

exhibition design

550 sqm


Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka

Bartosz Górka

A Room and a Half

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‘A Room and a Half’ exhibition was an invitation to enter a situation that escaped rational logic, balancing on the edge of an understatement and a joke. The first solo exhibition in Poland of Laura Lima, one of the most recognizable Brazilian artists of her generation, told about the margins of our perception, blurring the differences between reality and illusion. In works presented in Warsaw, the artist used architecture to modify the feeling of the space.

In the title of the exhibition, the artist played with the ambiguity of the Portuguese word quarto, which can mean both room and the number four. In the four rooms, wherein the exhibition ‘A Room and a Half’ was located, spectators experienced one continuous situation. Every following room drew the viewer ever deeper, allowing for the discovery of this situation’s secrets. Here, Lima’s attachment to the logic of dreams or childish fantasy could have been clearly observed.

Contained in the title ‘half’ was perhaps one of these hidden secrets as well as an attempt to attract attention to the ambivalence between what is visible to the viewer and what is hidden from their sight. BUDCUD worked with the artist on spacial arrangement of the exhibition and ergonomic solutions of performers’ stands hid behind the gallery walls.