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If in Munich in a month, drop by BUDCUD lecture within Ait-Dialog series organized during international fair BAU2023!

On the 20th of April between 10:30 and 17:00, AIT-Dialog is organizing a marathon of lectures with architecture offices from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, which will focus on the priorities and working methods of young architecture offices. Apart from BudCud, Portugal’s Fala Atelier, Nomad Architects from Latvia, France’s Oxo Architectes, Kientruc O from Vietnam, cross-border Not a Number Architects and El Sindicato Arquitectura from Ecuador will show their work.

Intermediate and mixed uses, temporary living, interventions in urban space and new places of community – the work of young architectural practices worldwide is influenced by new nomadic ways of working and living and a sense of ecological responsibility. Social integration, sustainability, and circular economy are cornerstones of an architectural attitude that can be read across continents. The new generation works interdisciplinarily, collectively, and with shifting connections. It demonstrates that we need to rethink the way we build. We are happy and grateful to the organizers for including us in such a forward-thinking group of young practitioners.

For more information, click here.