Powiśle 11 Urban Furniture


Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe

Cracow, PL

street furniture, urban garden

1875 sqm

1st phase completed

Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka (authors), Agnieszka Jurczak, Aleksandra Zielonka, Tomasz Kurtek


Powiśle 11 Urban Furniture

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Powisle 11 is a public square next to Wawel Castle in Cracow. It is where the City Tourism Center is located, but hardly any people actually went there. The space was empty due to lack of greenery, urban furniture or any specific character that could attract locals and tourists. New arrangement of this space brought back to life this prominent part of the Old City, populating it with visitors and restored biotope.

Temporary arrangement of this space is done with a dedicated family of street furniture, providing shade and contact with greenery, but not obstructing views towards the royal castle of Wawel. Its strong silhouette and complex form influenced shape of the new furniture, which we constructed by cutting and folding oval plates of steel to create abstract and simple (but also intuitive) objects.

Furniture system contains various forms of benches, tables, shading pavilions and outdoor toys. To introduce humanizing factor of lush, vernacular greenery into the site we decided to incorporate it into pieces of street furniture. Plantpots fixed into benches and tables are filled with herbs and veggies as a humble vegetal tribute to Bona Sforza – the Italian queen who brought a great variety of vegetables to Poland, tremendously changing our cuisine.

The composition of abstract objects could form pocket squares or parks, petite boulevards or an open agora with stage. Simplistic furniture family enabled rearranging the space according to the makeshift social program or planned events. Freedom of use opened the Powisle 11 square to new scenarios and unplanned spectacles of urban life.