Pier extension in Międzyzdroje


Alpion Group S.A.

Międzyzdroje, PL

hotel, housing, saunarium, public space, revitalization

10 200 sqm

competition, mention

Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka (authors), Andrea Pfister

Pier extension in Międzyzdroje

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The extension of the Międzyzdroje pier creates a sequence of differentiated islands along its axis. The islands differ in their functional program and character, but still adhere to similar qualities of public life and fit into the spectacular context of the Baltic landscape. The characteristic seaside light is introduced to the islands’ urban interiors by sculpting of the architectural masses that builds a harmonious spatial narrative along the pier axis. Scales and shapes harmonize with each other, ensuring the perception of successive areas as separate entities thought as a larger, complex composition.

The pier extension was designed so that the new islands would not interfere with the primary recreational function of the pier. Building forms on the successive islands provide various panorama openings for the passers-by, inviting the users to explore further areas of the new pier and its public spaces. The development offers public spaces of varying activity levels; an appropriate scale of space, as well as efficient communication, but also the comfortable privacy of residential and hotel functions.

A. Structure of the development area
1. Sauna pavilion with an urban beach
2. Hotel with restaurant
3. Residential buildings with ground floor services
4. Pier entrance platform
5. Revitalized staircase entrance to the beach

1. A route for autonomous electric vehicles transporting people and goods; the route is separated from the pedestrians with interactive light and sound bollards.
2. Designated stops for autonomous electric vehicles
3. 4m wide passage (minimum width of the fire road) to allow access for vehicles up to 3.5 tons
4. Walking area

The pier infrastructure is multi-functional by equipping its pragmatic objects or installations with public functionalities . The beach staircase entrance works as an intimate meeting place. A tectonic stand along the pier’s entrance is where one waits for an oncoming autonomous electric vehicle or simply admires the seaside. The existing semicircular platforms along the pier have been transformed into terraced urban furniture.

The housing island defined a variety of public squares through carving in the buildings’ masses. Corner public squares rise up and fall down, providing spectacular viewpoints or wind-sheltered pocket squares. Moreover, the residents of the island still have other (more private) public space of blocks’ perimeter balconies. Shared terraces strengthen the integration of residents while providing panoramic views for all.

The hotel is also equipped with interesting communal spaces: a rooftop terrace and tectonic caverns cut into the ground level. The perimeter form of the hotel also defines the isle’s courtyard with a pocket park and an end station for autonomous vehicles.

The Saunarium and beach pavilion yet again use tectonic forms to guarantee the added value of multi-functionality. Therefore, the Saunarium roof serves as a panoramic lounge terrace, while a bar with public restrooms were located beneath the beach pavilion.