First prize in competition for a housing estate in Tczew

First prize in competition for a housing estate in Tczew

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We are happy to announce that our project for a neighborhood in Tczew has won first prize in an implementation architectural competition!

The new settlement in Tczew is an example of a contemporary neighborhood drawing inspiration from local architecture and principles of sustainable development. The composition of the estate is formed by two types of multifamily buildings oriented to the central green public space, divided into two squares. The axial layout of the composition and the symmetry of the premise define an intimate urban interior, whose architecture, functional program and character of the development foster the creation of a local center. The multi-sloped roofs of the buildings, reminiscent of local ‘siedlisko’ habitats, provide the appropriate scale and character of the project. The buildings in the color of natural brick refer to the architecture of Gdansk Pomerania, perfectly inscribing the new housing into the local context. The arcades, designed along the walls of the buildings bordering the public square, provide for commercial premises. For aesthetic and practical reasons, both the arcades and the interiors of the loggias are finished with clinker tiles. The brick color also appears in the development of the public space, harmoniously linking the buildings with the surroundings.

Congratulations to the team composed of: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Wozniczka and Piotr Zabłocki.