Housing estate in Zalewo


Społeczna Inicjatywa Mieszkaniowa KZN Północ

Zalewo, PL

multifamily housing estate

25 000 sqm

competition – first prize, in further development

Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka (BUDCUD), Piotr Zabłocki

Housing estate in Zalewo

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Adapting architecture to the local context and human scale, strengthening neighborhood ties through the introduction of public and semi-public spaces, as well as following the sustainable development guidelines are the ambitions of the new housing estate in Zalewo. These sincere slogans and simple formal gestures define the estate of three multifamily buildings surrounded by greenery.

Estate’s urban composition, thanks to the uneven yet balanced spacing of repetitive blocks, determines a neighborhood square in the center of the new estate. he central public space hosts many functions: permaculture plots, where residents can grow fruits and vegetables together; a lawn to enjoy picnic on; an ecological playground made of natural materials and comfortable seating zones. To facilitate neighborly contacts, benches have also been placed at the buildings’ entrances.

The multifunctional central square, backyard gardens and designed tree rows define the ‘garden’ character of the establishment. What is more, the characteristic detail of the residential buildings – a functional wooden grate, referring to the half-timbered historic buildings of Pomerania – emphasizes the estate’s green character.

Repetitive residential buildings were designed to match their scale with the surroundings. The masses of the designed buildings were divided in half and slightly shifted in relation to the axis of the buildings. This gave the estate a more intimate character of a green settlement composed of smaller forms.