Vistula Saunas


Oktagon Podlaski sp. z o.o.

Warsaw, PL

health, sports, recreation, gastronomy

1200 sqm


Budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka, Ligia Krajewska, Jakub Pstraś

Vistula Saunas

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Saunas in Warsaw established the ecological revitalization of a right Vistula river-shore fragment. When searching for the best site, we looked at all the beautiful panoramas of the city seen from Vistula. One of the most astonishing vistas is from the right shore towards the city center and it is that breathtaking view that decided on the location of our Saunas leisure center. They would be located in a wild area between two bridges: Slasko-Dabrowski and Gdanski.

Our proposal for multi-functional program contains sauna complexes for both male and female, an outdoor jacuzzi, an outdoor cold pool, a leisure terrace and a restaurant. In the future it would be possible to extend the volume with other attractors, such as a floating pool or even additional saunas. Vistula Saunas consist of a central core-joint and few additional longitudinal pavilions. The core serves as a lobby with an info point and a box office, having pavilions attached to it.

Pavilions work as a series of functional areas, each with unique vista and a different function – one is a sauna complex, another is a restaurant with the latter being a service zone. Every pavilion is extended with abstract volumes of balconies, terraces or stairs. They prolong panoramas and build a new narrative, letting the visitors closer to nature. Vistula Saunas have been designed respecting the context.

We tried to establish a universal scheme for a building that adapts to any fragment of the Vistula shore. The scheme is so resilient and sustainable, that is also minimizes intervention into the topography, helping to maintain a famously savage nature of Warsaw’s right riverbank.