Photo-graphics. Artistic Photography in Poland 1927-1978  Exhibitions
Housing estate in Zalewo  Architecture Urbanism
New Habitat  Architecture Urbanism
The Urban Seedlings  Public space Exhibitions
The Cuddly Playground  Public space
Space-Time of a Collection  Exhibitions
Mountain settlement  Architecture Urbanism
Urban Balconies  Public space Urbanism
Domus Baths  Architecture Exhibitions
Landgut 2050. Urleben New Vernacular  Public space Strategies Urbanism
Pier extension in Międzyzdroje  Architecture Public space Urbanism
Model mountain shelter 360° on mount Luban  Architecture
What do we have in common?  Architecture Public space Strategies
Fluxus Labas Kaunas 2022  Architecture Public space
The Spatial Order Generator  Strategies Exhibitions
Ground rules  Strategies Urbanism
Brainville  Strategies Urbanism
3D Quarter  Architecture Public space Urbanism
Municipal Art Center in Gorzow  Interior design Exhibitions
Gdańsk Urban Sofa  Public space
Entrance to Warsaw  Public space Strategies Urbanism
World Villages  Architecture Public space Strategies
Warsaw Under Construction Festival 9. A Step Forward  Public space Exhibitions
Dizziness  Exhibitions
Nowe Żerniki. Public Space  Public space
Jewish Culture Festival Boulevard  Public space
A Room and a Half  Exhibitions
The power of the avant-garde  Exhibitions
Warsaw Under Contruction Festival 8. Home at Last  Exhibitions
Warsaw Under Construction Festival 8. PKiN  Exhibitions
New Towarowa  Public space Strategies Urbanism
Powiśle 11 Urban Furniture  Public space Strategies
BWA Archives  Interior design Exhibitions
Exhibition Pavilion  Interior design Exhibitions
FKŻ Quarter  Architecture Public space
Beautiful house  Architecture Public space
Soil and water  Exhibitions
Garden Expo Wuhan  Public space
Voronezh Sea  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism
Atlas of Modernity in Łódź  Exhibitions
New Mounds in Cracow  Architecture Public space Urbanism
Nowe Żerniki Model Estate  Architecture Public space Urbanism
Królewska Spot  Public space
Millenium Park in Zielona Góra  Public space Strategies Urbanism
Bularnia Office  Interior design
Tilescape  Interior design
Friendship Estate 2.0 in Warsaw  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism
Hoża Rooftop  Architecture Public space
Europan 11 Central Lake  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism
Shelter  Architecture Public space
Fiu Fiu Boutique  Interior design
Urban Sports Square  Public space Strategies
Vistula Saunas  Architecture Public space Urbanism
Crossover Jungle 4000 House  Architecture Public space
Europan 9 Urban Cocktail  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism
Cheongna Tower  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism
Silesian Museum in Katowice  Architecture Exhibitions
Chrzanów Strip Pavilion  Architecture Public space
Schindler Award  Architecture Public space Strategies Urbanism Exhibitions